Friday, February 13, 2009

Correction - Customized Input Forms: The JavaScript Approach

Previously I posted about my method for customizing SharePoint list forms (NewForm.aspx, DispForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx). Recently, an issue has come up with respect to this code and saving list items.

If a user is modifying a list item, and they have disabled controls on the page (grayed out), then when they save the item, those disabled fields will revert to the default value specified for each of those columns. The correct values populate on the page, but apparently the values stored within disabled controls do not get returned to the server upon the form being submitted.

I have come up with a quick solution (not sure if it is the best at this moment), but it allows for the values to be returned to the server by re-enabling all of the disabled fields just before the form is submitted. Only problem so far is that if the page takes a while to submit, the fields appear to be editable to the user, even though changes made won't actually be sent to the server.

Please see this link for a reference to the function PreSaveAction(): Add JavaScript Date Validation into List Item forms

Updated code (new code added is highlighted in yellow): CustomizedInputForms_JavaScriptFile


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