Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

Needed to remotely enable remote desktop on a Win2k3 machine, but all of the methods I could find suggested registry editing which posed a few problems:
  1. Not a big fan of editing the registry of servers
  2. Remote Registry service was not enabled on this particular machine

Luckily, I found the following at msgoodies.blogspot.com:

From Win2k3:

wmic /node:"Computer Name (FQDN)" /USER:"username" RDTOGGLE WHERE ServerName="Computer Name (FQDN)" CALL SetAllowTSConnections 1

From WinXP:

wmic /node:"Computer Name (FQDN)" /USER:"username" PATH win32_terminalservicesetting WHERE (__Class!="") CALL SetAllowTSConnections 1